by Sabine Harmes.

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Surrender to Chaos

I've to admit something. I didn't make this website for you. I did it for me. To get my head clear.

Do you know what your life purpose is?

I can't oversee it. There are so many ideas that I feel attracted to, it's often hard to make sense out of all the inspiration what it is I am going for in life. I feel I can't commit to just one direction, and I feel that I have to keep feeling into it, all the time.

I was making my business card the other day, and you know what I wrote on it?

Sabine Harmes - life artist

- being this overflowing source of inspiration! :)

Free, I want to feel free, to do whatever I feel congruent within me at that moment. I want to create, and let the universe create through me. Surrender to my chaos and have the faith that it is exactly what it supposed to be I manifest in this moment.


Love Sabine

PS: by the way I've been designing a whole range of business cards; so it serves me in all occasions, depending my mood and the connection I feel I am in at that moment :) Here my first example:

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