by Sabine Harmes.

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Graphic Design.

Non Profit Organization - Atelier Favela - is a source of inspiration. 10 years of working with Arts in local communities. First in the slums of Brazil, later in Nicaragua. Arts; to discover your true potential.

Make of your life a piece of Art. Do what makes you shine, because that's what the world needs!

Volunteers & Latin youth, hand in hand. To inspire & be inspired.

Connection. It's a key factor in creating art from a deeper level. To make this connection, inside, with life, with people, with you, is what makes art come alife.

I love it to meet you

to create

to give form & colour to the imaginary


Art in Connection.

An exciting step in my life, to share with you the joy I feel in living life with an open heart. Inviting love, connection, abundancy and playfullness in your life. Living the life you dream of! 


I am here for you if you have the wish to open your heart, and the courage to never close it again.  One on one meetings or joining a heartopening day to surrender to the magnificance of life!